Thursday, July 26, 2012


I felt it traveling at 40mph from the North
Muggy air pressure locked in over us
Odd shaped clouds
Silent birds
Difficulty breathing
Then this
and this
Now, safe at home, listening.
Rolling thunder arrives, and lightning
200 hundred strikes in the last hour!
Moon at 58% Full

Wednesday Night
 Regina Carter, and her band,
Reverse Thread, performed
free for an hour and a half 
to happy crowds at days end,
In perfect Summer weather.
Moon half full


It's all one--you, me, them,
moons, storms, songs and what we hear,
see, taste, touch, feel is real,
remember or forget.


deanna7trees said...

glad to see your post. wondered how you were doing. looks like you've been having some weather but enjoying the summer nevertheless.

Ms. said...

check out the link in the other blog. This was some serious weather!

Nancy said...

Glad to hear/read you are OK and enjoying nature and music and the magic of lightening!