Sunday, July 22, 2012


Saturday, despite fickle weather,
responding to  Jeremiah of 'Vanishing New York's' 
 I walked  downtown to
which, like so many other literary venues, is facing extinction, and watched Journalist, Joseph Bensimon, interviewing Bob Contant, one of the co-owners, about the past of this Village landmark, and the future of Independent book sellers.
Many customers were, like me, browsing and buying, or getting information from the charming, and knowledgeable, Margarita.   

 The eminent author of 
connoisseur of literary and social history, Kurt Thometz, was there on the same mission, and we had a brief chat.  He maintains one of the only rare book stores up in Harlem
a specialty venue at 426 West 160th Street
across from the iconic Morris-Jumel
If you're looking for something rare, you may visit by appointment, or by serendipity.  In any case visit the site.  You will be amazed at the wealth of this singular archive.  View a documentary about him:
 "Arts and Minds"

My Contribution
I spent a pittance for this tidy volume of
(the size and shape that always delights me)
"Evil is unspectacular and always human,
and shares our bed and eats at our own table."

Bonus Short Video
Watch fabulously feisty Fran Liebowitz castigate New York University for it's real estate appetite during the
of "While You Were Sleeping"
at McNally Jackson Bookselles.

Traveling  further uptown with another participant,  continuing in conversation till we parted ways at
where a constant 'reading room'
is available on the side street.

My objective there was to purchase the full set of
DVDs I had spied in their stacks awhile back, and hidden behind some other offerings, in hopes it would remain hidden while I juggled my budget.  I so thoroughly enjoy the ridiculous humor of this series, and in these troubled times, who couldn't use some comic relief?  Hurrah!  Still there! 

Now, at a bargain price, it's mine to enjoy, and re-wrap as a Holiday gift to friends who always exchange second hand items they've loved.
  Next stop

Farmers Market at Union Square
Enlivened by hare Krishna's drumming and chanting,  but I focused on my mission to connect once again to
first encountered, and posted about, many weeks ago.  She greeted me warmly as I left a note reiterating my contact numbers.  On to the garden sellers I frequent, purchasing a few more plants.  At home in time to listen to
while I cooked and ate supper, after which, I enjoyed a scheduled phone date with my dear Utah friend. Then, indulged myself with 
viewing "Best Man Out, Pride of The Yankees" on my tiny television, from my comfortable bed, till sleepiness signaled
day was done.


bj said...

I do hope you find 'the beautiful woman'. She must live a most interesting life.

Ms. said...

Hi---I have found her three times...and always she greets me warmly...she phoned me once leaving a message...I returned the call leaving a message...but she has not managed to contact me by seems to me I am the only one attempting to make a deeper connection. Life is like that...a mystery. We are all, in our own ways, the beautiful ones living very interesting lives.