Tuesday, October 2, 2012


"You don’t need to know a thing about quantum entanglement, wherein one atom can affect another even though they are separated by tremendous distance, to have some sense that our lives are always larger than the physical limitations within which they occur. We exist apart from our existences, you might say, are connected to the world and to other people in ways we will never be able to fully articulate or understand—and we assert our iron wills and ravenous hungers at our own peril.  There is such a thing as a collective unconscious. There is such a thing as a spirit of place, and it reaches beyond geography. "

"One of the qualities essential to being good at reading poetry is also one of the qualities essential to being good at life:
a capacity for surprise."

The same is so for taking, making, and 'reading' images.  A single image implies a consciousness somewhere seeing, and a set of images--the same, extended over time.
It's personal.

Quotes are excerpted
from the essay I urge you to read,
with thanks to the fifth element for posting it.
Photographs taken on the lower East side of New York, NY.
Drawing by Ms.

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Mo Crow said...

ah poetry thank you for the link to to the essay and i love your drawing Michelle