Sunday, October 28, 2012


Sojourns In The Parallel World
Denise Levertov

We live our lives of human passions,
cruelties, dreams, concepts,
crimes and the exercise of virtue
in and beside a world devoid
of our preoccupations, free
from apprehension--though affected,
certainly, by our actions. A world
parallel to our own though overlapping.
We call it 'Nature' only reluctantly
admitting ourselves to be 'Nature' too.
Whenever we lose track of our own obsessions,
our self-concerns, because we drift for a minute,
an hour even, of pure (almost pure)
response to that insouciant life:
cloud, bird, fox, the flow of light, the dancing
pilgrimage of water, vast stillness
of spellbound ephemera on a lit windowpane,
animal voices, mineral hum, wind
conversing with rain, ocean with rock, stuttering
of fire to coal--then something tethered
in us, hobbled like a donkey on its patch
of gnawed grass and thistles, breaks free.
No one discovers
just where we've been, when we're caught up again
into our own sphere (where we must
return, indeed, to evolve our destinies)
but we have changed, a little.
I'll be in Utah Monday if weather allows, and
Taking a computer break till November 2nd

I'm in NYC for the duration
Metropolitan transport is shut down
I'm shut in with candles and comforts
 May all be well with everyone


MulticoloredPieces said...

Sorry to hear about this whole mess and that your flight was cancelled. The satellite photos of the storm are impressive. Wishing you lots of luck for weathering this. Sending prayers.
best, nadia

Deb G said...

Hope you didn't clean out the cupboards too much in preparation for your trip... Take care.

grace Forrest~Maestas said...

isn't it all Just Something??????

deanna7trees said...

thinking of you. will you go after the storm? or have you not are in a sturdy building so all will be well.

Nancy said...

OK then. So not the unknown is known. Everything will rest well. Stay safe and warm...and entertain yourself with tea, stitches and drawing :)

Ms. said...

I'm kinda collapsed from relief of the tensions of the past 24 hours, abd New York is in lock-down with no mass transit ang the National guard, tanks and armor, here to "keep the peace"

Currently 10 pm and waiting on the phone for Delta to have an agent available for rescheduling a flight for me Wednesday and a return moved forward a few days to make up the lost days. I will hang on till I cannot keep my eyes open...or the battery dies--whichever comes first.

Mo Crow said...

Oh a quiet New York City is such a rare & beautiful thing! I was in Queens for an ice storm about 45 years ago, sit was such a magical moment when the sun came out that morning and sparkled on all the icicles in the stillness...

Velma Bolyard said...

thinking of you, keep safe.

yvette said...

hope you are safe.....

grace Forrest~Maestas said...

SO waiting for word from you...

Mo Crow said...

sending lots of good vibes through the ether to help you stay safe and warm !

Anonymous said...

I've heard Delta is up and running again... but the news also shows gas tensions rising in and around the city. Hope you are faring okay!!!

kimmie said...

I hope you're ok .... i.e. back home safe and sound!

Peggy said...

Michelle, I've been thinking about you...hope you are warm and safe. We must wake up. Loves. xo

grace Forrest~Maestas said...

watching for you

deanna7trees said...

my instincts tell me you are in Utah...i hope...i hope...away from all the chaos.

grace Forrest~Maestas said...

Me Shay elllllllle echo echo echo
Where ART THOU?????????????????
Can you hear me calling?????????
you Hoooooooo echo echo echo

it says the power is on in Lower

grace Forrest~Maestas said...

i find out today, Nov 5 that you ARE IN UTAH!!!!!
You are my heroine!, getting a
car to the airport and setting out!! Oh TRA LA.
i am so relieved.
ok. just, OK. now...stay till
after this coming storm.

grace Forrest~Maestas said...

ok. so today is now Friday, the 9th. and i am sitting here on your porch steps waiting. does your building HAVE porch steps? well, the stairway then, if not. like
Christopher Robin, Half way up the stairs....

deanna7trees said...

welcome back.