Sunday, October 28, 2012

High Anx-I-iT-eeeeeE

HIGH Anx-I-iT-eeeeeE
has me weary, weak at knees-those perfect pivots of the
--you turn around right now, or not--
it's only just the weather, the unknown of what's behind that horizon line
the choice
the chance
fear of flying away

The photographs are all shots from the same trip last year,
without the imminent storm, and with a perfect take off, wonderful visit
and perfect landing.  The only glich was that there was a two hour delay
in getting transport back to the city.  Time for meditation and sleep.


Mo Crow said...

Fairfarren Michelle!

jude said...

don't forget to flap your wings

Ms. said...

wings are ready-mine at least-HOWEVER I just heard on NPR that Metropolitan Transportation will shut down at 7PM tonight! car is ordered to pick me up at 12:30PM tomorrow for a 3:55 flight out of Kennedy....who knows.

Hurricane Sandy in real time hour by hour-and I'm tracking hour by hour-Track shows the official forecast as of 8:00 AM EDT Sun October 28, 2012.

deanna7trees said...

take it just one minute at a time. it will all be ok.

Nancy said...

You haven't left my thoughts. Deep breaths, you've done all you can. The control is not yours any longer.