Thursday, December 13, 2012


No sooner had I posted my trials with the technology I've so easily become accustomed to, than a wave of shame came over me. swift as brush fire to dry wood, and just as quickly turned to grief--for raising a trivial tempest when real storms have swallowed lives--
 for the wildlife whose habitat's been stolen--
for polar bears who drown for lack of ice--
for all the starving children and neglected elders--
for the prisoners of conscience, and the prisoners serving time despite their innocence--
for greed that destroys the social contract--
 for my greed.
I'm sorry I forgot you.  
So, back to the beginning once again.
remembering what really matters.


grace Forrest~Maestas said...

no...what is great is that it
rose and almost immediately
burned. that's actually quite

Deb said...

having this technology, keeping in touch this way, is important too, if not primary. we should use whatever tools are at hand to build community.

Mo Crow said...

you are such a bright true spark Michelle thanks for all you share, shine on!

Ms. said...

spirit moves swiftly, swifter than technology, brighter and truer than the speed of light...sometimes. At a deeper level, a retrograde has just unhitched itself and started forward agin...but that's another story. Love is still the answer.

Peggy said...

I love this, it will help me today. And thank you, dear Michelle, for being one of my teachers. xxx