Saturday, January 19, 2013


What I don't want--
is a gun, fresh grief, a gathering of cynics,
a new war, nor one more damn extinction.
In these, my last years, despite evidence,
common sense, the news, and predictions,
what I want is--
less hopelessness, corruption, interruption
in the process of living a good and true life,
resources to share, and others who care to
make this world the world we wish to die in.
I want--
authenticity, kindness, mutual understanding,
interdependent association, a worthy nation,
real food in real seasons, good friends,

some ordinary joy, and reasons to live.
What I wish--
for me, I wish for thee.  May we be free.
May we be without suffering, have enough
to eat, shelter to protect us, and a practice to
sustain peaceful being on this fragile planet.

Tomorrow, a patchwork quilt of friends, each from a different circle of associations, will gather together at a local restaurant to share supper with me  as I cross the threshold of seventy years, entering my eighth decade.

I'll share pictures next post if blogger allows it.


Anonymous said...

may all your wishes come true, happy new year to you!

MulticoloredPieces said...

Happy Birthday, Michelle. What is amazing is that good persists. I wish the powers that be would just declare all guns simple.
best, nadia

Mo Crow said...

Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to You
Happy Birthday Mi-chel-le
Haaaapy BirthDay to YOUUU!!!
sung with gusto and slightly out of tune 'cause it sounds better that way & with lots of love from us 3 from across the seas!

Nancy said...

Happy Birthday Michelle!! May all your dreams come true...may you enjoy a great celebration!!! Here is a birthday song for you (way better than my singing! lol)

Ms. said...

thank You all so much. I'm off and running. Gotta be there at 5, just enough time for a quick dip and brush up for the facade--here's the adorable video I sent with the invitations--view it at You tube:
Happy Birthday Ma'am

jude said...

happy birthday! 70?

Peggy said...

I hope your birthday wishes come true for all of our sakes. Happy Birthday, dear Michelle, may you be surrounded by beauty and love always. And may a good time be had by all at the supper party! Love to you.

Ms. said...

Here it is the morning after--yes it was a good day and supper party and a new post will follow soon--but a realization has dawned--I'm actually in my eighth decade as I crossed over to my 70th year. It gives me pause, and I'll update this post to reflect the fact.