Tuesday, January 22, 2013


January 20 2013
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Sent my birthday Blog Post to a dear friend
Oh, tra-la-de-da,
I wake imagining
seventy, levity, longevity,
stars like bumper cars, careening
round the bend of be here now.

Folk Music
from Jackie Morris Artist post
I told her she made my day, and tuned in to
Mike Harding’s Radio Show

Listened to the podcast while I made the bed, watered the newly bloomed Narcissus, ground coffee beans, and poached an egg to lay on a bed of raw spinach.

Judy's Journal

Exquisite cloth work accompanied by this:
The Martyr Poets did not tell

But wrought their pang in syllable 
That when their mortal name be numb
Their mortal fate encourage some 
The Martyr Painters never spoke 
Bequeathing rather to their Work
That, when their conscious fingers cease
Some seek in Art the Art of Peace
- Emily Dickinson -
Answered Art In Red Wagons question
I'm surrounded by colorful things, from embroidery, to Tibetan prayer flag, and no matter what the fickle weather throws, there's color in my mind's eye, color in my memories.
I wear red, stay in bed imagining the vistas of this wide, wide world, listen to colorful music, eat apples, beets and carrots, fling colorful words and strokes in pencil, pen, or brush across a ragged page, and so abide, content within my days.

Cally's waves rolling and crashing, cresting and falling endlessly.
 then on to
plus pretty colors at

Face Book News
I read that a man I knew is gone from the world.
He was one of the great "Only-One" beings.

About Shyamdas 

One of a kind;
Seemingly indestructable;
While you looked upon me, I felt I might be the center of the universe -
I'm sure each one you looked upon, felt the same;
You always had the right word to describe very color, ever sound,
every mood..
You had the gift of making Gokul ANYwhere you were
What will we do without you, oh irreplaceable one?
You leave a huge void for all of us here.
Your Maanini loves you and misses you dearly 

Signed out and shut down, retreated to my comforter, remembering the dream I had when, while wrestling with painful failures, mystics, mantra-chanters, gurus and wise ones interceded. Time's insistent forward thrust seemed to still as a kind of trance descended to hold me, until myself recovered.  Sleep drifted over these thoughts, shrouding them in mist.
I sailed away awhile.
Death, which can sometimes arrive without warning or invitation, was present as I went about getting ready to meet with friends and celebrate passing another marker.  Because more voices from the past had surfaced, youth was on my mind as well, those delightfully deluded years of innocent passions, and bitter tears.
Try To Remember
We were seven around the long table:
Laurie Edmonds, artist, from my School of Visual Arts days, with Fred Fassberger, also an artist, and the very generous fellow who gave me this Mac computer, Wendy Daly from the yoga community we share in common, Margarita Aguilar, graphic artist, from when I worked for New York University, and was a union member, Anna Cline, photographer and wonderful writer, from my ongoing writing group, and Adriana Scopino, a favorite poet from that circle of NYC friends.  A sampler quilt from various segments of my life!
Card by Laurie and Fred
'...and then the YOGI popped out of the cake'--'Safe to assume that the cake is vegan'--'Om, my lord..'--Bare feet and baked goods don't mix...think I'll pass.'
--'A Marilyn would've been the popular choice.' 
 Jolly Conversation and laughter stirred effortlessly into the mix of Indian spiced dishes and wine.  When the carrot cake was consumed, the bill paid, and ourselves outside again, we recruited a kind passer-by to take a picture, not minding a bit that his focus was soft, nor that he cut off some of our heads.
My sweet neighbor brought chocolate and flowers!
We kept congenial company another hour or two.
Downloaded photographs, and went to bed
listening to Brazilian Jazz interpretations of Yuko Ito,
a CD gift from Wendy.
Thank you, Thank you to everyone for absolutely everything
Sunday through Monday 


deanna7trees said...

well, sorry i missed it. sounds like you had a grand birthday. i wish you all you wish for yourself and more. i'm about on the edge of 71...even though i don't count, it does happen each year.

Mo Crow said...

what a good celebration Michelle, thanks for sharing!

ffass said...

Your blog is exceptional, Michelle. So nice to visit with you and your friends at the restaurant on your birthday. May you have continued peace, happiness, and more celebratory wine for many years to come!