Saturday, January 26, 2013


When I entered the Loews theater from a 24 degree New York street, it was 4:30 PM of January 25th, 2013.  Spielberg's "Lincoln" shifted time back to 1860 Washington D.C., and stayed there through April 1865.  About the film, I can only say that the costumes and sets were excellently appointed, and the acting flawlessly well done, that I teared-up at all the right moments, and that the feeling I had was anchored in longing, in a wish that the high sentiments expressed held true today.  Perhaps in part they do now and then.  The low sentiments certainly do.  What the real business of politics is--it's maneuverings and machinations, and human motivations--those have not changed.  It's useful to remember that film is fantasy, and a script is a construction.  When I was reading Doris Kern's "A Team Of Rivals", the text this film was based upon, I learned a great deal more about the period, and people, than any two hours of celluloid could ever deliver.  She trusts the filmmaker, and that's enough recommendation for me.  It's a very fine film...
but a great book if you're interested in

Then I slid down the decades back to 2013, reemerging onto the same New York City street, where snow was falling lightly, spreading a sparkling veil over everything.
So, what is time?
"It's when the sun comes up, the sun goes down, 
the moon comes out, and the people dance all around." 


deanna7trees said...

my guess would be that the high sentiments you talk about exist more today than they did back then. technology puts everything right up in our face and we are exposed to things now that were hidden from the general public back then. my choice would be to stay right here in the 21st century. haven't seen the film yet but it's on my Netflix list.

Peggy said...

Thanks, Michelle. Haven't seen the movie yet, I can't make myself go into a theater since the shooting here. I will again, just not quite yet. Love the elephant revival song. xx