Friday, January 4, 2013


Only two days at home and already
longing for this landscape again.
 I'm frustrated by my inability to post 'new' pictures, but too scattered over essential tasks to set about the tedious labor of carefully eliminating duplicates,
and downsizing each picture to make more room.
Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!
It's another beautiful day.


Deb said...

Short of starting a whole new blog (Daughter of Ms. Uncertainty?) I would save the oldest posts and pictures to my own hard drive (or some kind of portable storage) and by deleting them from blogger, making room for the new one day at a time.

Deb said...

that picture made me looks to be ten feet to the right of this one, of course it couldn't be unless you were standing on my front porch in Carmel in '94

Minerva Black the shoppe keeping cat said...

Beautiful icy photo, and love the happy one too! So sorry you have reached the 'blogger limit', it's a wall we all come upon eventually.

I have been saving post to hard drive and onbly keeping posted new ones, but it means in your case lots of things we will miss! x

Ms. said...

dear Deb I went over to your blog and wrote an answer in comments but I can not see the view you recommend....don't know how to get to the image.

Minerva you are sweet to mourn with me. I may solve the deficiency many wonderful images to share.

deanna7trees said...

we had a bit of sleet last night. i'd love just one day of that pretty snow.

jude said...

oh just enjoy the day and start again tomorrow.

Mo Crow said...

ah the pristineness of snow, look forward to your photos again ! good to see you back

kimmie said...

I've heard rumblings about this "limit" and definitely have my head in the sand about it. I guess I would go back and delete old posts ..... good luck with it all!

Nancy said...

I agree with Jude! I've started downsizing my pictures and also do that as I go, with the new posts. It's helped. I haven't had any blogger messages in a while!