Wednesday, January 2, 2013


Thirteen Days Away
Thirteen!  The 12 plus one of mathematical thinking, the generous dozen of the best bakers, the solstice circle number, the apostles and the king equation, and
good Saint Nick with his team of reindeer.
With a beaker of speculation, some festive imagination, a touch of salt and honey, there was plenty of everything for every one.

The seasonal markers were performed in fine fashion: women brought light--the long winter night arrived wearing it's star--Andrea Bocelli sang Ave Maria--the tree glittered, and the pudding flamed-- good will and the trimmings festooned each table, and time itself ferried us through the sad news shoals of world wide woe, past the crossing-over midnight hour, and into the brand new year.

On the first day, we plunged into the mountain for a Hobbit adventure, and emerged with the knowledge that we were the gold we were seeking.

 As the crow flies, as the horse wanders, I'm on my way back today, 

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