Monday, January 7, 2013


While listening to live webcast of Shantideva with the Dalai Lama
11PM 1/6/2013

Notes  1
 A warm heart is necessary.
There are elements, but no creator god.
Evolution and dissolution is constant.
Mind training can affect the brain.
According to science,
there is no more existence after brain death.
Tibetans know that changes continue within the mind:
this is consciousness beyond space and time with
no beginning or end, and no material matter.
Patience is necessary, not necessarily easy.
A warm heart is necessary.
Life is metaphysical phenomenon;
we are not bound securely by this skin sheath.
Mind is not contained herein.

They take a tea and bread break at 1:14 AM 1/7/2013
I hook up my headphones, leave the site active and go to bed.

 The Balloon of the Mind
W. B. Yeats

Hands, do what you're bid:
Bring the balloon of the mind
That bellies and drags in the wind
Into its narrow shed.

Their return rouses me from sleep with a Tibetan prayer thrummed,
hummed into my ear. 2:30AM 1/7/2013

Notes 2
Patience is necessary, not necessarily easy.
Abandon negativity.
Ride the horse of Bodhichita.
Courage! You will not feel tired;
through the power of pacification
all obfuscations will vanish.
Life is metaphysical phenomenon;
not bound securely by this skin sheath.
Mind is not contained herein.
 I bow to this courageous horse,
let idle grazing teach me what it can.
 I took refuge in the Buddha, the Dharma,
the Sangha, my down comforter, and
this O, so necessary warm heart.

5AM Morning arrives.  The screen is blank. Street sounds drift through to this
dream of Monday in the material world.

Here at this link you can connect directly to the Dalai Lama's official site where you can access photo galleries, news, videos and much more:
His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama of Tibet


deanna7trees said...

maybe they will soon post the video so those of us who missed it can listen.

Ms. said...

part one is on you tube now