Thursday, January 10, 2013


I found my Picasa file and uploaded some shots to it.
There, according to them, I have not reached my limit?!
Some shots here were never uploaded before, and, I haven't deleted or downsized any previous shots.
I'm confused but, I'll just keep going till I'm stopped.

Massachusetts Holiday
December 19th 2012 
The Hearth
December 21st 2012
Solstice Celebration
 December 25th 2012
My beautiful friend wearing the rectangle shirt
I made her out of a tablecloth and the embroiderd piece from
an old Mexican shirt her mother used to wear.
(thanks to Jude Hill's Spirit Cloth lessons)
 December 26th 2012
 New Years Day
We went to the Movies
saw "The Hobbit" ate popcorn
January 2nd 2013
Headed Home
This Indonesian Angel
(from EXOT)
Exot Blue on Etsy
Stayed Behind


Peggy said...

That is a cool top you made, Michelle. And what a wonderful time you had, glad Picasa came though for you. How 'bout that? xx

Nancy said...

Yea! that is what happened to me the first time they said I was full...suddenly I wasn't! Best not to ask questions and just enjoy :) Thanks for sharing your special places.