Friday, January 11, 2013


Even standing under bleak Winter skies, alone
in a field where crows swoop to gather grain,
one is still one with the whole human tribe.


Nancy said...

No wonder you love your journeys to this magical place!!

deanna7trees said...

a magical place.

Mo Crow said...

how good that you can post pictures & videos again ! So how is your moon over Manhattan Eve cloth going ?

Ms. said...

Dear Nancy, Deanna and Mo--so glad you are still checking in here, and yes, the place is my regular retreat, and magical. As for "EVE of all Hallows--abandoned around the time of the great storm "Sandy" when I went off to Utah--I just unpacked her from where I had carefully wrapped and stored her away, and took some photographs to get me thinking about her again. I'll do a new blog post this week.