Sunday, January 13, 2013


"Eve  Of All Hallows"
 abandoned when I flew to Utah back in October,
escaping literal darkness plunged into after "Sandy"
 came out of her careful wrapping today,
still pinned to a board, and without a stitch,
 along with elements to incorporate for 
extending outward on either side to a triptych.
The scissors I thought I'd lost in my travels,
are found, along with cut stones to stitch for
(click on link)
I've got quite a lot to work on.
I wonder when 'Spirit Cloth Diaries' ends?



Nancy said...

So glad that, which was once laid aside...or misplaced...are once again here, a feast for our eyes and a treat for your imagination and fingertips! I super love seeing this cloth again! We know why (((wink, wink)))

Mo Crow said...

love how she celebrates the city!

MulticoloredPieces said...

Ah, the city personified. Such a beautiful piece--waiting for the stitches!
best, nadia