Sunday, January 27, 2013


 Felled by a vicious head cold,
with some flu-like symptoms, but no elevated temperature.
 Out of commission for all ordinary purposes, never mind extraordinary.,.so treating the invasion/explosion with a combination of things--
Indian palliatives
 Homeopathic applications
 Cabbage soup with onion
Orange-lemon juice
This too will pass.


Mo Crow said...

rest and dream and feel better soon Michelle!

Nancy said...

Oh, sorry to hear. I've got a sore throat, but after napping today, must trudge on tomorrow. Feel better soon.

Valerianna said...

Hope the homepathics help it to clear out faster and not go as deep. That seems to be how they help me if I don't nip it in the bud. Feel better!!

Deb said...

ginger ale, tea...more fluids.

jude said...

feel better. lotsa shit going around

deanna7trees said...

take care. wishing you well.

Suzanna said...

Rest well, hope you feel better soon...