Wednesday, March 13, 2013


Monday opened with walls rattling, pipes clanging, and floors vibrating to the tune of our landlord's wrecking crew
--without prior notice to residents--
who began deconstruction of the apartment two
floors below in my line. I dressed and went out.
Something's Springing in Gramercy Park.
Meanwhile. fine plaster dust seeped through all the cracks in my old place.  I returned to a thin layer of it everywhere, and noted that the permit, now pasted up at the building entrance, dates approval for work through  2015! 
Some larger plan is afoot.
I see new electrical cable is awaiting a fixture on each floor. 
 What fresh hell awaits us?
A cursory cleanup was in order before making supper,
after which I transferred the unwashed dishes to the bathtub--I still can't use the kitchen sink since the pipe leaking under it has not been repaired, and our superintendent remains vanished.
So, off to the National Arts Club.  
  There were decoratively-hatted ladies everywhere, exiting from an afternoon event there.  These two beauties consented to be photographed.
Laura Daly
Rosemary Ponzo
The 'Archeology-Addicts' event
was held in the upstairs gallery.
Jerald Milanich-the Author, Michele Kidwell, the President,
and a friend whose name I neglected to get.
"Hidden Seminoles: Julian Dimock’s Historic Florida Photographs" 
Jerald Milanich presented the slide show,
along with a very entertaining history.

These few examples, rephotographed by me from the book, hence blurry.
The Originals are crisp.



by Jerald T. Milanich and Nina J. Root

Home again, 
Teddy said "Come to bed."
So, I did.
7:30 AM
Chortling pigeons, one Jay calling, footsteps above, but the deconstruction crew below silent so far.  Wrote after breakfast.
11:30 AM
Quiet , just some minor tapping and thudding from the construction site, but still no superintendent, no painted ceiling, and no fix for my leaky pipe.  I washed four days of dishes, flatware and pots in the bathtub.  Morning became afternoon. 
The real story, however, was rain.
3:00 PM
Took a bus downtown to The Creative Center at University Settlement on Eldridge Street for a showing of
"Alive Inside", a feature-length documentary
by Michael Rossato-Bennett
It's about the passion of social worker Dan Cohen,
with neurologist Oliver Sacks, and Bobby McFerrin.
 The film candidly shows many amazing transformations that take place when nursing home patients receive iPods individually programmed with their favorite music--truly inspirational.

Had a tasty meal at a Tibetan kitchen
with my friend Wendy Daly,  
9:00 PM
Home to download photographs, and research the iPod Project, finally joining Teddy for some creative dreaming.


Kim Andersen said...

I hope with all your future improvements to your building, they don't ask have plans to raise your rent!

I heard an interview on NPR a couple of months ago about the iPod project. Really fascinating - and a hopeful use for earbuds :)

jude said...

ah, a diary post. i remember living in nyc right next to the exit for the midtown tunnel. not much sleeping happened there.
and then i moved next to the home for abused girls down on 12th street.
i had a hard time sleeping when i moved here, it was too quiet.

Mo Crow said...

great post Michelle! especially love those fabulous hats & you make such good use of living in the big city! have you seen the show of Lisa Ross's photography at the Rubin yet?
& re noise well living in the inner city there is always someone renovating these days, either next door, across the street or in the back lane it's the way of the world sometimes I dream of going bush or living on a houseboat with a few chooks! but Crow Man & Cat do not want to move so here we'll stay til the walls fall down or the landlady sells whichever comes first!
we lived on a 4 lane truck route back in the mid 90's and for the first 3 weeks I thought I would have to move as I could not sleep then one night it was raining and the trucks passing by sounded like waves at the ocean that came in sets to the rhythm of the traffic lights at the top of the hill and the big trucks were like the 7th wave... we lived there for 7 years and loved it also played music in the kitchen every weekend from midnight til til dawn after gigs and the neighbours never complained so we never ever complain about noise!

yvette said...

tell me about renovating...sigh
i stay put with my three dogs in a little house not being able to leave them alone because they make noise as if a dozen wolves are on the run


Nancy said...

Michelle~ Creative day spent avoiding the noise and mess...good plan!