Friday, March 15, 2013


Today Is That
Today is THAT day--and JUST another DAY too,
so different for every creature on this little planet,
YET still the same, in that, no matter who or where
you may be, "above YOU move the familiar stars",
the satellites, the space station(s), other planets,
meteors, comets--who can KNOW what?--but all,
every bit IT'S HELD in common WORLDWIDE.

The Writers Almanac

"In Shakespeare's Julius Caesar, the soothsayer was referring to today when she said, "Beware the Ides of March." The word "Ides" was just a shorthand way of saying "15th," at least in March.  And it was on this day, the Ides of March in 44 B.C., that Caesar was assassinated by a group of about 60 conspirators who called themselves "the liberators." They wanted to return Rome to a model republic, and they were unhappy with how Caesar had consolidated power in his name, and that he encouraged people to consider him divine. One of the leaders was Marcus Brutus, whose mother had been one of Caesar's lovers and whom Caesar helped establish in government."

Post Script
So, that was, and this is. Good
is mixed in with the nasty,
the light too, is darkest before
dawn, power corrupts and
corruption spreads like a virus.
Just perch in the present.
stay in balance within, where the
kingdoms of heaven persist.
That's just what I tell myself each
night, and in the early morn,



Mo Crow said...

I am always amazed how Shakespeare's poetry & plays still tell the stories of this mortal coil so well even after so many centuries & Gillian Welch, what a beautiful song to wake up to this is my favourite lullaby

grace Forrest~Maestas said...

Meshell...if any one can, it would be you. find me
Make me a pallet on your floor

i SAW her
sing this
in Detroit, another lifetime ago

Ms. said...

Mo my dear..thank you for the lullaby--to make it easier on me next time you send a LINK send the actual You tube URL by going to the song, clicking on "share" and copy pasting from the URL under the picture - okay? :->

Hey Grace, I did the research, and just sent you an email with as much as I found :->

yvette said...

when i'm home and have wifi again i have to remember to listen to her


Mo Crow said...

oops I forgot to give you the link? mea culpa! that would have been very difficult to track down!