Sunday, April 7, 2013


A recent blog-post from Grace Forest, quoting Barry Lopez,
left a powerful impression still vibrating.

"This is the only time you can study both of your shadows.  If you sit perfectly still and watch your primary shadow as the sun sets you will be able to hold it long enough to see your other shadow fill up when the moon rises like a porcelain basin with clear water.  If you turn carefully to face the south you may regard both of them:  to understand the nature of silence you must be able to see into
this space between your shadows." 

-from 'Desert Notes River Notes-

Sun Shadow                                      Moon Shadow



At Nana's cabin in the Catskills,
I, doted upon, coddled and controlled by love,
with laughter, the grassy yard swaying in sunshine like wheat,
silently perceived the shadow side of things.

 Evenings then, long before dark,
snug in that loft bed under the slanted roof, I drifted,
a sentimental tune playing faintly from the old Victrola below,
 innocent as an earthworm under sod, dreaming.

 Just A Song At Twilight


montana joe said...

ha! the "x" shadow reminds me of the sort of shadow one might see while what-iffing with jude these days!

Mo Crow said...

ah nothing like moonlight mixed in with the street lights making shadows for finding the spaces in between.