Monday, April 8, 2013


Three Years Ago
No new photo's just that this one kind of speaks to how I feel the day after having had  three alarming senior moments,
the worst of which was leaving my backpack with my notebook of current writing, my favorite rain poncho, my eyeglasses and my old, cheap, but reliable pay-as-you-go cell phone with it's contact numbers not listed anywhere else, at the bar where we monthly recite metric poetry.
The second worst was suddenly blanking out the name and location of it as I emerged from the bus to attend, and the first
was inconsequential compared with those two.
So, the joint, where I'm hoping the backpack can be retrieved, doesn't open till 4PM!
I'm blind for any close work, cell-less, and feeling a bit temporarily abandoned by myself.
Why am I blogging this?

The Old Folks 
by Jaques Brel

Post Script
All's well--backpack retrieved-Day's done.


deanna7trees said...

so sorry. hopefully all will be retrieved later today. i had my own senior moment this morning when i couldn't remember my own phone number when leaving a message on the phone. i remembered it as soon as i hung up, of course, when it was too late.

Mo Crow said...

oh yikes ((((Michelle)))) x fingers your backpack is waiting for you!

Nancy said...

Oh Michelle! I'm hoping since you go there monthly an employee or poetry fan will hold on to it for you. Do let us know.

Anonymous said...

glad retrieval was made!! you have my sympathy. the moments when blanks occupy the mind are scary... as are the untended things that end up lost somehow... b/c I have ADD this happens all the time, which just makes the prospect of increased lapses with age that much more alarming (question - can you lose your memory if you don't really have any to begin with)? A long winded way of saying - YOU HAVE my sympathy!

grace Forrest~Maestas said...

abandoned by self....
yes. that's big.
and a Big thought....
and i am wondering what you might
have been preoccupied with, to
leave the backpack...which, if it
is like the thing that i have that is an appendage of mine, i am always
aware of it's presence/whereabouts.
pre occupation, i'm thinking.
RELIEF that it's found!!!