Tuesday, April 9, 2013


This is a church I pass in the East Village.
It reminds me of my first experiences with a Catholic
church-school from my childhood in Yonkers.
They were not happy ones.
It represents that period of my life, and those scars.
This has hung here for many years since my friend 'Shrimati'  gave it to me.  She was one of my Ananda Ashram mentors.
She purchased it from Zen Mountain monastery.
It hung in her husbands room for the years before his death.
She was told it was painted by a monk who
studied with a great master, and is the Buddha of the future.
In any case it represents that period of my life,
and spiritual friends from that time.
This morning before sun up, in pale light from the window.
I pinned this white cotton loose-weave material over it.
 Then lace doily fragments
A shot from the side
I tied a single red thread through,
 added a square of more yellowed white material
and one more fragment.
That's it so far.
Time to just look for a while.
There are more associations to be incorporated, including a spectacular dream, and much more material variety.
Meanwhile this is a sign I spied in a window
selling antiques that relates to the project,
and might even be it's name.


Nancy said...

I love seeing this and will watch where you go with it!

MulticoloredPieces said...

Hi, MIchelle. Well, this is definitely more cheerful than your previous post. But I gotta say, if my head wasn't attached to my shoulders, I'd be in trouble. Anyway, I like your idea of using fragments of lace & doilies, giving them new life and allowing them to show off their beauty. Will you add stitching?
best, nadia

Ms. said...

This is just the beginning--much more to come including stitches, of course.

Mo Crow said...

Ah spirit matters! love that thin red thread tying it all together