Thursday, April 11, 2013


--Still Just Pinning--
Lips For somewhere
This Will Be An Eye
Seeing Dark Interior Space In This Cloth
What I Will Choose to Reveal There?
Something to Show That Spirit Survives
Like The Tattered Remnants Of A Butterfly
Tells How Time Ravages Matter
And What Of This Cloth?
How Will I Use It?
and this one?
I'd love to have a big table, and a big blank wall
A small efficient sewing machine 
(yes, to make quick work of some parts)
What I have will do, of course
Why hurry when there's no need


deanna7trees said...

love all the shadows in the lace images.

Anonymous said...

oh it is so, so much bigger than I thought. How wonderful! maybe the dark interior will reveal longing? the longing space, table and wall, the machine? or maybe the dark interior IS the space.

grace Forrest~Maestas said... can use a plain
hollow door as a long table.
you'd have to find someone to
haul it up the stairs...but could
then just put it atop a smaller
table when you are working on large's what i did for the
stitching on the Daughter Cloth...
OR, you can use an ironing board
too, if the cloth isn't too long???
i love the way white lace is
talking a lot about hidden or
inner spaces

Ms. said...

Oh...someday I'll take wide lens shots to show the actual limitations of the space--too much everything here but no energy for the clearing process...too busy just surviving day to day...with poetry and fiction writing, the blog, photography, e mail correspondence, inadequate basic maintenance, the garden and yoga. I used to have a big door but it was cleared for the last repairs and painting, There's just no room. But I will do this cloth in pieces if I have to and piece it together after. Judging by the still un-stitched "Eve of all Hallows" this one might take the whole nine months. No matter...only spirit!

grace Forrest~Maestas said...

well, to me, it is one that i
might want to be As Is...if i were making it. i love it. just as it is.

MulticoloredPieces said...

Hi, Michelle. The shadows around the old lace add an interesting element. White calling forth the dark. I wonder how one could keep the shadows?
best, nadia