Wednesday, April 24, 2013


  Consider Frailty Inescapable
  by Ms.

  The sexy part of sex was never a word,
  nor organ, named or blamed, but a bird,
  worth more in the hand than tangled
  between every suggestively angled
  rose bush, with formidable thorns,
  velvety petals, and scent that warms.

  Flesh, our mortal prison, and the form
  upon which many pleasures may be worn,
  wears out as well.  Once full revealed,
  the apple, down to its hardcore peeled,
  is seeds that seek more fertile ground
  that they might grow another round.

  Each go-round carries time away
  teaching flesh there's limits to its day,
  wherein every bond but love is broken.
  'La petite mort' then, is 'meme', a token,
  the 'practice' by which we come to know
  'La grande finale' of our show.

 Consider Love

     Last lines, to be sung with harmonies as chorus:
      Best then, use time that lingers here before us
      enjoying the lessons, feasting while still able--
      A magnificent curriculum's laid upon the table.


grace Forrest~Maestas said...

in my dreams i have finally
very clearly understood about
sex and love
it's quite grand

Ms. said...

Jude reports she's having trouble commenting over here? Just checking.