Tuesday, April 23, 2013


My little shrine for Jude Hill--our inspiration

A closer look at my work in progress where a heart forming
Just looking
A visitor from "Eve of all Hallows" flew in
and will stay I think
This one has trails
Today's the day
Down she comes
On to the just vacuumed carpet to true the edges
in my rough way
Then tear the moire to match
for backing
Remove the pins and fold to pack for Massachusetts week
This bubbling brew of white linen napkins, soaking since before New Years
with leftover berry mix and oak leaves, it
grew an interesting mold, which smelled of forest floor after rain
Drying the leaves to trace later
Second wash with washing soda
After the third wash
The one most marked
A bit of garden tending
At last red, now that
the daffodils are done
The dear violets popping modest cheer
All's well.


Nancy said...

Michelle~ Looks like you've been up to some fun stuff! The pic of the dyed cloth, with the leaves on it looks just like a piece of cloth I have from my family!! Crochet in the corner and around the edge :)
Also, I love seeing your city space. And it Thrills me to see the little starter cloth hanging on your wall! Enjoy MA!

Nancy said...
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deanna7trees said...

your cloth is growing with some beautiful color.

jude said...