Sunday, May 5, 2013


if you see a blank black box with sound strip under it
click on it for video

April 24th
Beautiful Weather


Many Shades of Blue
One Adorable New Dog
Watch 'Bruno' Play
"The Circle Game"

See Bruno perform
"In Your Face"

A Few Cats Too
(others were indisposed)



 Forget Me Not

Wood Anemone


Ancient Orchid

Bleeding Heart
Skunk Cabbage

Quince Bush

Everywhere Lush Everything
 For My Rag Mates
A Vintage Victorian Cloth
on a Vintage Victorian
Marble Top Table


A Day Trip to Hartford for Dance

Tiny Sample

April 30th
The Laundry Line

May First
Ready To Depart

"Your leaving?!"

"My shadow will stay on 'til I return"
Place Keepers

Springfield to Hartford
Hartford to Stamford
Crossing To Manhattan

The Church Garden
 Irises Soon
Back Pot Garden
 Here to greet me 98 emails to sort read, keep, answer, schedule or delete, no possibility of catching up on a week of blogs and face book posts, and the piles of papers, the stacks of books, the closet room full of clothes still here.  Nothing has miraculously solved itself in my absence, but my spirit is refreshed and all is well.  Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday I paid bills, assessed how tight the rest of the month will be, set up a schedule for the garden, corresponded with friends in France, New Jersey and Seattle Washington, read some blogs, and caught up with what needed updating.
Traveled downtown and West to the Hudson one evening for a spectacularly enjoyable book launch for
Annie Finch's "Spells" at Poets House.
(more on that in another post)


grace Forrest~Maestas said...

to me, this is an amazing life.

deanna7trees said...

thanks for all the images. i enjoyed it all.

deanna7trees said...

i did see the videos the first time round. loved the ballet. miss going to the ballet. used to go regularly when in ny...Lincoln Center i believe.

Peggy said...

Wonderful! Loved the pup videos, had me laughing too, what a darling boy. Beautiful photos with brilliant colors, lush is right. And back home, the church garden! It was a delight, Michelle, to get a glimpse of your life. xoxo

Nancy said...

Such beautiful images Michelle and fun doggie video! How blessed you are to have such dear friends to spend time with and the extra perk that you get to enjoy the pets as well! Welcome home :)

Kim Andersen said...

It looks like a delightful escape - my goodness you certainly do know your flower and plant names :) - so glad things are alive and well and blooming in your corner of the world. It makes all the difference :)