Monday, May 27, 2013


by Ms
Perhaps I'd made a wish or two.
You, you, you and, you
caught the thought,  The word
 unspoken, yet you heard.
So, swift across that blue,
blue highway, straight through
aether, earth, and time
gifts  flew.

Deb Lactiva sent a tidy package
of colorful material she's hand dyed.
I'd only asked for a scrap of her gold cloth.
Deirdre Mallon, another cloth-art friend,
 sent lovely material scraps
this fabulous square of embroidered bees
Next, my film school friend,
the photographer. Theresa LoSciavo,
sent "Gay Purree" to delight me
I'd admired it when she posted a clip, that's all.
It contains a bonus Annie Lennox concert.
What a treat!
Another morning--another gift:
Two young pigeons took shelter from torrential rain on the back window sill.  Huddling close to the screen, they were practically on top of one another.
When Rose Kelleher's exquisite book of poems.
"Native Species" 
appeared in the mail, without a note,  I thought:
Who sent this?
Gotta love a mystery, and
the poems are just so fine!
Saturday night at Flushing Town Hall
 my yogi friend and neighbor, Wendy Daly,
treated us to a swell Jazz Concert
Jimmy Heath at eighty seven
is still chock full of good energy
Sunday the sky cleared
Sun shone upon the little church garden I tend
where field daises were budding
False indigo popping hundreds of purple blooms.
Sunday Night
Though not free, freedom feelings flowed, and I was a  happy dancing fool in a great crowd at the
Big Fun Is Good For The Spirit

Many generous events lodged in my mind and heart.
Each gesture of good will lifted me.


Anonymous said...

haven't listened to the music yet, but will.

Funny how things clump together, isn't it?

happy to share the fabric!

Anonymous said...

P.S. no one has called me "Deirdre" in a dog's age. Thank you for that!

Nancy said...

So nice to see you days...hear your voice - your world. I have been thinking of you these past days and feeling like I hadn't seen as much of you lately.

Aren't gifts in the mail the best?!!!

deanna7trees said...

such lovely gifts. when we get a downpour of rain here, i always notice the birds just sitting still on the branches of the big chinese tallow tree outside my kitchen window. i guess the branches with leaves above give some protection.