Wednesday, May 29, 2013


Each link leaves the page because I can't figure out how to make it otherwise.
If any one knows how to remedy this, kindly inform me.

Love and War
With James Hillman
A 10 minute segment from
 'The Mystery of Love'
(PBS Documentary, 2006)
My Monday Music
The Mystery Of Love
2 hours

Books by James Hillman
One of our most important thinkers


Anonymous said...

not sure this will work for you - when I create a link, wordpress's dialogue box has a little box I can check which will direct a person off the page... which I actually prefer, so that the tab of my blog remains... but it sounds like you'd like people to be able to use their back button? maybe there is a setting in the 'create links' area that is default to 'going to new page' that you could set to 'staying on the page'. Wordpress's default is to stay on the page.

Ms. said...

yes I did mean that I'd like readers to return quickly to my page after going off site to the link....but Blogger has no such option so far as I can tell after an hour of looking and finally posting the question (but they don't answer individual questions, just thank us and say they use the comment to improve the site) I'm usually careful to post only one link and leave it for last. I posted this many (too many) because I wanted the record for myself (selfish)...I mean no one is gonna follow that many links, I know! I used to be able to post You tube stuff right on the blog so no link was needed but They take a lot of space, and trigger 'warnings' now.

Nancy said...

Hey 2 cents is: I like to have my links open in a new window - that way I can follow the link, close it and the main source is still there. I don't have to use a back button because the original blog/website is still there - open. If someone leaves my blog and doesn't return, oh well. When you add a link the box contains a choice, bottom left of link box, that you can check if you want it to open in a new window. Maybe that will help you set it up the way you like it! :)