Sunday, June 2, 2013


The Perennials
Orange Hollyhock
Two years old, this will be it's first bloom season
I can hardly wait

 Yellow Coreopsis
Threw various color seeds wantonly last year
Looking forward to surprises

Golden Stella-Dora Lilly
Fifteen years old and reliable
Blooms every year

 White Field Daisy
An all Summer long  pleasure 
More to come


deanna7trees said...

i was only successful with hollyhocks one year, long ago. i keep trying but no luck since then. didn't plant any this year.

Nancy said...

We were just talking about planting hollyhhocks. I've always loved them.

Peggy said...

Buds! Thank you for this -- I'll have to walk my garden tomorrow to praise any buds I see. Have never done that, I don't think. And I'd really like to see your orange hollyhock when it happens. xx