Thursday, June 13, 2013


 Woke early Wednesday to the sound of wind flapping curtains.   So, off to the garden under blue skies where the new hollyhock surprised me.
I had remembered it would be orange when I put it in two years ago,  I found the tag the other day and it said it would be pale peach with a ruby center,

Here it is fulfilling that promise
This shot just to show how it
fills this whole corner.
Catmint, Coreopsis and Daisies
 pink Astilbe and Echinacea are up and at 'em
with purple Sage beneath
Stella d'ora Lilly doing what she does
so well in clumps at each corner
Lots of white Astilbe
Several pots of Easter Lilly
ready to pop
a perennial bush for shade
Wild strawberries all over the back plot
Joe Pye Weed in pots at top for dyeing, at the bottom a blue Hydrangia that has never bloomed and needs to be moved to a sunnier spot 
I just planted three geraniums rescued from a local supermarket and hope they're red. I'm in urgent need of red, though soon the blood red hollyhock will bloom, and the Malva with it's outrageously pink show-stopper flowers!

Everything in it's time
Meanwhile, here comes the rain again!


deanna7trees said...

beautiful garden. love that hollyhock. and the rain is what makes them so lush and beautiful.

Kim Andersen said...

gorgeous gorgeousness - the hollyhock being my favorite of all - a stunner!

jude said...

yes, and the rain knocked over my foxglove and lilies. i wasn't home to stake them up

Nancy said...

Love that hollyhock!!

Mo Crow said...

Hollyhocks always remind me of the giant clump that grew outside my grandma's place in Quebec, they were sooo huge when I was little!