Sunday, July 14, 2013


 Start With Flowers
when the message is not so pretty.
My lovely, but elderly MAC is having problems that have twice in the last week,  today included, required me to work by phone with "Darrel", a very helpful,  friendly tech at Time Warner, though the problem is not TW related but a MAC issue.
My external time machine has been sending me a
"load a new disc" message for many weeks.
I just say 'okay' and go on doing whatever I was doing, because I can't do what it is requesting,
My CD and DVD application has been unresponsive for months and months,  When I try to watch a DVD or load a CD it simply rejects the disk.
So, I stopped using the application.
Long Story Short
Darrel at TW International suggests that the MAC is showing signs of an imminent CRASH, and, that I get to 'Techserve' with my little MAC box for a tune up.
I plan, despite current tight $ conditions, and the promised week of our next heat wave,
to do just that this week!
 Meanwhile I am restricting my beloved internet use to occasional.  If you have my phone number, phone me,  or my mailing address, send a note or postcard.
I might be lonely.


Deb G said...

Hope your computer issues resolve soon.

Nancy said...

Ohhh...don't be lonely :(
use this down time To whatever you like!
I love the technology...when it works!
Good luck with the fix.

Mo Crow said...

sometimes just pulling the plug and putting it back in again helps bring an aging confuser back to it's senses... but it can also be a bit too abrupt to & the blue screen of death appears... that has happened a 4 times over the past 15 years since I have had Macs and that signals either
a) a brain transplant (new hard drive) is required which can be successful and keep things going for another year or two or
b) a new computer which is always sad and I miss the old one for about 10 seconds! this is my second Mac in 15 years (8 years seems to be the turnover point & yours looks older than that so you are doing well).. will send a card in the mail later today!?