Thursday, July 11, 2013


I was looking for buttons because of a Jude Hill post
so got down an old tin from the attic room
then recalled I'd sold those old buttons
at least a decade a go.  Instead,
within was all this!
 I did find some buttons as well
but from another place
 Examined elements
 Patterns emerged
 Bonus of marbles too!
 Individual pieces related
 There at center
A Buddha perhaps?
 These will be a nine patch
 Ah, yes!
Nine patches
It occurs to me that few readers here are remembering the other blog - so here's the link because I continued arranging, then photographed the selects from the above as five nine patches here:


Pat said...

What a wonderful find. Thank you for visiting my blog.

Mo Crow said...

what beautifu fragments these are and I love the arrangements! & marbles are magic, my brother wanted to pave a dream driveway in marbles

jude said...


Anonymous said...

I loved seeing the "play" with your treasure.