Tuesday, July 9, 2013


 Walked to the bus
boarded the limited to Allen Street,
Stopped to photograph some scenes.
Walked on to Eldridge
University Settlement
Vedgie chips and  breathe free tea in hand, notebook and prompts at the ready.  One arrives in a leisurely way, turns the Air conditioner on, takes a seat and prepares to write.  The room is clean, bright and quiet.  One eats most of the chips while sitting sentry there.  One started the session solo.
6: 20PM
Prompt #1
Choose one photograph from Jacob Riis "How The Other Half Lives and write about it.  After scrutinizing all the shots, I decide it's too depressing to work with, as it seemed to cause me to ruminate that this no show might really be about me and how I'm unsuitable somehow.  Abandon the prompt ans the line of thought.
Prompt #2
Choose one or two at random from "quotable Quotes by Women" and use them as part of a scene in which one or all the quotes are used in some way.
My choices:
     1-"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world.  Indeed, it is the only thing that ever does."  Margaret Meade --Can one person qualify as a small group?
     2-"One  test of the correctness of educational  procedure is the Happiness of the child."
--I'd like to believe this is true.
Prompt #2 and 1/2
"The Literary Cat"
same thing-randomly choose 1 or 2
      1-"No self respecting cat wants to be an artists model."Anonymous
      2-"I love cats because I enjoy my home, and little by little they become its visible soul." Cocteau. 
Maybe, having no cat in residence,
my home has no visible soul.
6: 50PM 
I'm losing interest, can't seem to flame myself into action on any of the above.  no inspiration and no 'others' to spur me on...well, lets try
Prompt #3
"Final Words"
Choose at random one or more and incorporate one or all in a story about a death in the family or of someone known to you...fiction of course.
     My choices:
     1-"Spend all you have before you die." GB Shaw
     2-"Did I not tell you I'm writing this for myself.? Mozart
     3-"The fog is rising."  Emily Dickinson

Phoned Deborah S.  who had tried to email me after I shut down, and to call me but with the original incorrect number.  She was so apologetic, but I assured her I had a productive time.
Packed up and walked back to the bus uptown, arriving at 8 in time for 'Antique Road Show'
I think things work out the way they must
flexibility is key.

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Anonymous said...

well, what a brave soul to continue and to share with us what a trial it seemed to try and continue... it reminds me of how shocked I am, over and over again, at how MUCH the power of a group, even a very small group, changes one's energy for responding to a prompt.