Sunday, August 25, 2013


Each day randomly choose three
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Friday Angels
Spontaneously dropped everything, and took a walk around the neighborhood simply noticing

 Concert with Stevie Wonder, Kings of Leon,
Alicia Keys, and John Mayer 
'Free' but 'Ticketed Event' 
-you have to join the site, take action, or donate-
Saturday September 20th

Saturday Angels

I petitioned my local optical store successfully.  Got my right-eye lens replaced with plain glass since the cataract makes the Rx even more distracting until the repair, which, due to clinic schedules and financial constraints, will not be for many months.
Much better. 
Ive been contemplating friendship a lot.
Recently, some have become quite problematic.
Anais Nin put it beautifully when she said
"Each friend represents a world in us, a world possibly not born until they arrive, and it is only by this meeting that a new world is born."
Sometimes that world can be challenging, sometimes downright daunting.

Just After Sundown
I might have mounted this Gif at You tube so it would be a real Video, but it seemed a waste, since it was just a three minute, potentially dangerous, shouting match between a family and some rookie cops in front of the 13th precinct directly across the street, with low insults, threat swaggering, and nasty swearing on both sides.
Happily, no physical violence.
 Changed my Face book picture to just the center portion of Fred Fassberger's charming caricature
Cooking Again after a month without gas is a pleasure.  One if my essential kitchen aids is a stainless steel, razor sharp, peeler with a lifetime guarantee, purchased some years ago from an elder Englishman for $5 when he was selling at the farm market.  His patter was a pure vaudeville.
It made quick work of celery and carrots, cut and steamed with green beans.
Coconut oil-sauteed onions, garlic and mushrooms with anise seeds set the tone for the Ultra Organic Vegetable Melange I made--a birthday gift for my friend L.A.L.

Sunday Angels
It's a nine-patch post!
The air is so damn sweet today, and looking back,
it doesn't seem I did much, but then, I didn't discourse on the fascinating personal exchanges, the erudite e-mail correspondence, and other, more mundane paper work.  I omitted the details of home cleaning, hand laundry and button sewing as a kindness to my dear readers.  I'm off to Carnegie Hill for the evening to partake of another feast at friend St. Michaels sixth floor walk-up sanctuary. bearing fruit and flowers.
Will be adding more snapshots later
so do revisit tomorrow.

Tomorrow Has Arrived

headed uptown
on a bus 
 Looking Out
Note the Elders Pace.
Compare the young ones Pace.
How might both perspectives feel?
Advertising Youth
Where books flowered
Retail Retail Retail
Red Hand Stop
Public Art for Business
Famous Journalist Joint
The old and The New
 Retail Retail Retail
Starbucks Everywhere
Duane Reade
Workers work
Retail Retail Retail
Long legged Idols
Retail Retail Retail
We skip stops
Fashion Athlete Gear
Note the window sealed with tinfoil
over less high end retail as we roll
into the eighties
Where are the Trees?
the old style, brick, bay windows, stone stoop
Tree Peony 
solid structures
a wood frame classic holdout
 Friend's Here
6 flights up to 'St. Michael'
cooking odors here
Beer steamed-baked Bird
a German specialty
Slightly horrifying

 Our modest meal, with mashed potato
so rich it could have been desert
Cote de Rhone toast to weeks end.


Nancy said...

I will keep these angel card in mind for someone with a winter birthday :)
I'm glad you are cookin' enjoyin' and eatin' some yummy food.
And friendships...I could reflect for a lifetime on this one! I've not had an easy time with them in my own lifetime.

Ms. said...

I hope you returned Nancy for the trip uptown just added in. Onward.

Anonymous said...

wow - such a voyage in pictures... I esp loved the old/young pace one. Picture of bird, horrifying, indeed, but it sounds mouthwateringly delicious.

Mo Crow said...

oh this is great what a dinner your St Michael cooked for you, that steamed beer chicken is a wild thing~!