Wednesday, August 28, 2013


Suddenly no image on You tube videos
Forty minutes trolling through the help issues and I'm told again and again that my password doesn't match my email.  It does.  Works for Blogger and email,  Used to work fine for You tube, but doesn't seem to today.  I also note my You tube additions to blogs are black screen too.
Maybe this coincidence means something on the day I've been informed that there is not just the suspected cataract in my right eye (like seeing through a Vaseline scrim)
 but that there's also one (not yet very visible to me) in my left eye, indicating a blurry future eventually  (though I will be getting the right one taken care of surgically).
 Most likely it signifies nothing but itself--the charming, frustrating whimsy of the ever changing Internet and all it's systems, sometimes moving just out of reach of my ability to upgrade.  To further astound me, the blog video pops in!
That's what I mean by 'whimsy'.
Enough,  I'll investigate further later.


deanna7trees said...

ha...maybe it's a message that you are needed elsewhere. my guess is that it will clear up on its own. i wonder if, someday, i'll be able to interpret all the hidden messages that are sent my way.

jude said...

it's all a pain i the ass really.

Mo Crow said...

Hi Michelle enjoy the woorld seen with softened light, paint it while you can! (think of Monet's wonderful late paintings of the Nymphaes soft light) my Mom is seeing better than she has in years since the cataract op last year!

Velma Bolyard said...

jude's right.