Thursday, August 29, 2013


Native New Yorker
Day flower
 Voted by absentee ballot downtown at
The Board of Elections since I'll be away for the Primary
The modest bloom of a
Peace Lilly at my front window
 Exot hand dyed indigo hankie pinned to the kitchen curtain
Isn't it lovely

State University of New York
four hour Optometry appointment
Entertaining charts at the eye clinic
Close up on the butterfly
The corneal lens
One of many measurement devices
Maple leaves look out onto Bryant park
from the waiting room
The Main Library Branch at 42nd Street
Elephant ears, Ivy, Caladium and Begonia
in many, many ornate planters
William Cullen Bryant
Presides over the park behind the library
"Yet let no empty gust of passion find an utterance in thy lay,
a blast that whirls the dust along the howling street and dies away;
but feelings of calm power and mighty sweep
be currents journeying through the windy deep."
Three Dimensional Hopper Painting recreated
in the display window of the flatiron building
23rd Street and Fifth Avenue
Exotic beauty ahead of me,
and I'm almost home

Coreopsis and
(forgot the name of the other)
Blue black sage
The bees love it, and I love them
Sky above the church at 6 o'clock
(seen through my new protective sunglasses) 
(Without them)
Though I spun my wheels dutifully, little got done.
Made two pints of blueberry jam without sugar-using powdered pectin, cleaned the fridge and started packing for my trip.
Remembering freedom marches makes me weep
Kouala bears losing habitat makes me weep
I'm having a fine cleansing weep tonight

The sky is luminous today
exhibiting diverse options
I'm headed up to Massachusetts tomorrow morning missing schools starting up with new neighbors flooding  the streets, and another 9/11 memorial
No Internet, enough cats for many laps, good friends, fine food, sky full of stars, avian and cricket song.
Sweet Surrender
I've scheduled a post or two to drop in.
See you September 13th


grace Forrest~Maestas said...

bye Michelle. i am so happy you
have this respite. do you ever
consider just staying there?

grace Forrest~Maestas said...

also...when you get back, the
flag tangle on the Raft mast will
await you.
more love

deanna7trees said...

wishing you a joyful time. can't figure out from what you wrote whether you already had the cataract removed or not.

Ms. said...

Last internet before shutting down...Deanna--Just had the exam and some protective glasses and have an appointment with the cataract clinic October 7 to find out what I need to know about what and where, and most I can start trying to save. Maybe I'll be able to afford the right eye early next year. Now, farewell for awhile.

Nancy said...

Fare-thee-well!!! Enjoy your time in the country :) Thank you for sharing the nature of your city with us.

Peggy said...

I love your by-the-week posts. Have a wonderful time, Michelle! xx

Anonymous said...

have a wonderful time up here! I know how much you love it and how peaceful it is...

so much color in this post.