Saturday, September 21, 2013


Moving on from Summer
Looking up
 Buddah for all,  and in all
 Close reading
" My mind has gone beyond the  transitory, the conditioned,
And has achieved the extinction of craving."

Would that it were so, for I am struggling with a new loss
  -The year of five hundred tulips-

I relinquished the church garden simply, with a note,
soon after it was 'tamed' by other hands, sadly,
without any knowledge of what was there before,
and without informing me.  In one swoop,
twenty years of lush perennial growth was ripped away to plant generic mums.  Never mind why.  Enough.
Thus ends a long relationship with land that is not mine. and the many difficulties I've had with this new pastor.
"Let each one embrace (her) own truth,
And devote (herself) to it's fulfillment."

As Autumn arrives
I'm shifting in other ways too
 shedding leaves
shredding papers
 culling clothes
donating to thrifts
I'm simplifying because it is right.
There are too many potential projects packed away for 'someday'.  They get in the way of today.  I need to work on just a few, and finish them.
Here's a link to John Coltrane:



jude said...

sorry about the garden.
i plant wild things here just to balance the curated lawns.

Nancy said...

A loss indeed. I know how important the garden was to you. I too have had enough of too much.

grace Forrest~Maestas said...

this, such a poignant movement
through things of our lives...
i am still spending time looking
at the Garden note. working with
the feelings i have about it