Sunday, September 22, 2013


Saturday, the last day of Summer:
An Afternoon Stroll
(three legged still)
to Madison Square Park
observed color contrasts,
tones, textures, and seeds
some natives that remain
"What truly belongs will return."

A Public Sculpture Installation
Rocks in skeletal trees traveled all the way from Italy,
weighed tons, and cost a whole lot to install
(A bleak vision)

Accompanied By Wind
Voices from leaves of real trees,
chattering children, gregarious grownups,
and a great little band playing
alternative link

Then southward, down Broadway to the
14th Street Farm Market

There, where I bought so many plants over the years, where nostalgia spreads within me like a spore

I Found Wonderful Wild Mushrooms
gobs of kale to eat and share
onions, and yellow tomatoes
and, these grapes from the Catskill Mountains,
tiny, seedless, and not too sweet,
whose taste sparks a memory:

A Cottage At Cairo, N.Y.
(from a photograph)

A four years old girl in pinafore,
smelling of dirt and strawberries,
leans reluctantly into her Nana's body.

She frowns, or so it would seem.
Perhaps the sun was in her eyes then,
that scowl merely the result of squinting.

The Grandmother looks off in to the distance,
encircling the child, holding perhaps too tightly?
Who knows?  One can not return to ask. 

Fall Begins For The Northern Hemisphere
It rained through the night to this sunny, crisp Sunday.  I slept soon after young , drunk neighbors wore their emotions out with a brief, loud, door slamming, wall stomping, domestic squabble.

My Mind Drifts Back To Massachusetts
A Buddha by my bed there
 This vine making a pumpkin
Feeding bees harvesting
and, reading an old favorite

below is a link to the Libravox recording.
It will shift you toYou tube.

by Sarah Orne Jewett
First published in 1896

(alternate video link)

I am grateful for the audible words, for the effort of these readers volunteer labors.  Libravox is a public service site for recorded literature.  Any one can volunteer to read and record a favorite book at


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Peggy said...

Oh, Michelle, The Country of the Pointed Firs is one of my favorite books -- I read it every few years and was just thinking about it the other day! Will check out your link now. xx