Saturday, November 16, 2013


Into the light again - feeling better.
Had yogurt and oatmeal with agave.
Took a walk around the block after dark last night.
Had to go look at the church garden, and found the one corner the 'intruders' had not decimated, was lush with perennial hardy flowers in bloom despite that no one is caring for it or watering!
Made me happy to see these healthy Iris amongst the withering  non-hardy mums they planted.
 I call these "Native New Yorkers" (because I forget the name,  Got them specifically for shade from Tibetan sellers at the farm market here.
Anyone know the name?
Here they are, healthy and spreading.
They grow wild upstate I'm told.
One of the fifty Coreopsis stalks they missed cutting down is still blooming and dropping seed.
 One valiant geranium survived transplant.
 The Perennial mum we planted is also in bloom as it's been for the past ten years, and to the right see a few still blooming blue-black sage.
 I am still attached, though I walked away.
It's like that with love and land.
Further on,
I'm reminded by back-lit signs on phone booths that a gamble might be all the hope the poor will ever have to strike it rich.
 The corner bistro, run by an Irishman who married into a Philippine family, is throwing a benefit supper for the needy of the latest disaster.
Returning home, I note that the bulbs stored in the fridge, and only recently put on the windowsill and watered, have sprouted Christmas Narcissus!
Perennial, that's what life is.


grace Forrest~Maestas said...

bless the little garden

Nancy said...

Thriving in spite of...