Friday, November 15, 2013


Really really REALLY SICK for two days.
Just coming up out of it when..
a phone call comes...Indian accent I think...someone named 'Jordan' calling from "Windows Care" to inform me:
"Your computer is badly infected.  It is sending global warning messages to the windows global server!"
He wants me to turn on the computer and he will 'show' me where the problems are.  "Do you have access to my computer?" "No", he responds, but if I turn on and follow steps he will give me...he can show me where the problems are.  It happens my computer is on and I just sent an email....and seem to be able to post as well.  He does not seem to know this.
I tell him I'm not a tech and can not do this without help, plus I'm ill and can not focus.  I ask to speak to a supervisor, someone named 'David' gets on but says nothing...I hang up.  They phone back three times, I can hear that many people are in the background, but I do not respond...they leave no message.  They've given me a phone number in Brooklyn, NY
I Won't call back till I get some advice.  Called the computer 'doctor' who fixed my email and left a message, but he's back in California.  May phone Techserve tomorrow.  I will do nothing for the time being.

I need this NOT!
Is this a tempest in a teapot,
A Scam, or a real problem?
Anyone know anything?




deanna7trees said...

hope you read my message on facebook. this is a scam. just hang up.

grace Forrest~Maestas said...

yes. bullshit of the stickyest
kind. IGNORE.
i got the exact same call a while
What do they think? we are
crazy. sad. crazy and sad.

it's been a couple weeks and
everything is as it always is.

not to worry.

just get well from your own
real bug

Ms. said...

Thank you Deanna and Grace you are a lifeline to reality out here in computer land. I suppose my wooziness from this bug made me more likely to panic. Thanks for the comfort.

Anonymous said...

hope you are feeling better!

I got this call too and am embarrassed to say I went so far as to say, "let me call my husband on my cell and see what he has to say," and when the guy went bananas to prevent that, I knew he was completely full of shit. It's really a bad ploy.

yvette said...


not the thing you need when you are sick

love and betterwishes