Monday, November 11, 2013


Maybe it's the moon or sunspots
My neighbor, when I rang to ask for a bit of milk for my coffee to save myself a shopping trip, announced with conviction the imminent economic collapse of the world banking system, and urged me to shop for enough to last several days today.

There are, he says, only three powers causing everything that happens

This includes weather.  Nothing is an accident.  Everything is part of the massive conspiracy for control of Earth and all it's resources, humans too.  That sort of world view absolutely 'freaks' me, makes me wish for a brilliant, escapist entertainment until it occurs to me that the world view in question IS a perfectly suitable escapist entertainment.

 I went to the nearest grocery store and stocked up on some useful items

After all, if I'm in his dream, I might as well do the script justice.  On the way, I observed a few broken men huddling in corners.  I stopped at the bank to extract most of the months cash.  Why not.  Every one else was on cell, looking down, checking their I-phones.  Despite all those live bodies out there, since the rule seems to be that no one pays attention to any one else when in public, it seemed empty.

There's always a street find

At least for the alert, and for the hyper vigilant too.  Perhaps, nothing more than a wooden spoon to match the wooden fork left by another long time neighbor who relocated to California forever many months ago.

"Everything is dependent, and All things are not empty"

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