Tuesday, November 12, 2013


You get an ordinary, and unremarkable day,
A day with nothing very much to say.
A picture tells a better story when it's seen.
 Sometimes you have to look at the in-between.
Each Walnut, Edamame bean, Carrot, and Sprout has a personal history that adds to the flavor and texture of this melange.  Just as you add texture and flavor to my little life.
The holiday season started at Halloween, and began with urgent requests for donations, so my first actual card is from the Red Cross who once had a pittance from my tight economy in some disaster. Then disappeared, but not from their mailing list.
(I should have taken this shot before I put shiny light reflecting tape on the package, but you get the idea.  My cards will be more elegant and just as funny)
Meanwhile, packages of whimsy sent to friends inspire me to do a version of this 'horse masquerading as reindeer' for my own seasons greetings.  Pens lined up and ready.  The blank cards laid out on the blue table.  I'm looking forward to the entertainment.

Half hour to Wendsday, and twenty degrees to get to the full moon


Nancy said...

You make me want to mail out cards, which I rarely do anymore! I like Brussel sprouts too :)

Mo Crow said...

in process with the xmas card making too! I love the ritual of celebrating the Silly Season which is even sillier in this Land Down Under where xmas is hot, perfect beach weather & yet everyone gets together to drink mulled wine & eat roast dinners with plum pudding for dessert and fake snow & icicles adorn the streets, ha! A truly global celebration of joy and wonder with a touch of surreal madness.

Kim Andersen said...

It is surreal isn't it. You'd think we were just about out of time ... Brother!