Saturday, November 2, 2013


When we dutifully turn back the clocks-
  there's a subtle ripple of shocks.
I say, so what if everything is in hock-
  and  old "hickory-dickory-dock"
Sometimes reads "dock-dickory-hickory"-
  in any case, what rhymes with hickory?
Seriously, must we all charge off to the forum-
  serve to supply it's necessary quorum?
What system's are dependent on our accommodation-
   agricultural or industrial, to benefit what Nation?
For Rome it was the question of being a law universal-
   with tributes arriving on time & no inconvenient reversal.
Each month was named after a number, one through ten-
   oh, but not enough months for a real year!  Soooo then,
A plan was devised to deftly insert two more without fuss-
   two Caesars got one each: July for 'Julius' &  also 'August-us'.
Thus, the Julian Calendar was born, and spread, as did Rome-
  over the known world, increasing space to call home.
I want to know the reasons still to save this hour, friend-
   since it never did, and never will pay any dividend.
Its only natural that nights grow longer & days are short-
   this red-herring, time change is a blatant false report.
Calendars will come, and calendars will go-
   our simple task it would seem is, just follow the flow.
A heart beat in blood is the true test of time-
yours, and mine-mortal, fleeting, and fine.

Still-fall back an hour in your brain.
It helps one catch the train.

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