Monday, November 4, 2013


In the early morning thousands of runners headed out in three groupings.  I watched it on television.
Front runner
 It was a grueling twenty six plus miles
Left home at 2 o'clock well layered
Made my way across and uptown by bus and subway
emerging here at Columbus Circle.
Couldn't get close at all...had a brief dance (on my cane) with a police woman where the bandstand was blaring music, and could see the runners through the fence into the park.
Orange capes for wrapped runners trying to make their way around many blocks and barriers to get back to friends and family, some limping and bleary eyed.  The police were up at 2AM to set up and stand watch....hundreds and hundreds on foot, motorcycle and bicycles.  It was a high security scene.
 The view from 4 Columbus Circle Penthouse at party
for those who ran to raise money for Alzheimer.
They raised over a million dollars
My friend
Fred Fassberger
Kissing our friend
Another winner looking on
Left at 6PM, with five organic apples and two sandwiches from the generous buffet.
The temperature had dropped into the forties, and It took two and a half hours to get back home because the crowds simply overwhelmed all systems.  I had been planning to go to the Bowery Poetry reading but my own systems were also overwhelmed.

My friend Fred made a little video at the start of the Marathon in Brooklyn, although he's not visible, it's his voice leading the cheer"
You can see it here

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