Tuesday, November 5, 2013


I mean, everything and every one was just so kind, so civil, so surprising in the best way, I had visions of a lightning bolt striking me down--it was all so too pleasant.  But, home now, unsinged, and channel 13 is showing  a 'special' about Lou Reed that comes close to doing him some kind of justice.  A you tube sample at the bottom of this post
This perfect day started with breakfast--one of those organic apples I got yesterday at the after-the-marathon-party, with walnuts, honey and cottage cheese

Then out to my cataract clinic appointment, and I was offered a seat on the subway by two people.  Had a friendly conversation with the woman I sat next to about noticing others.

Grand Central Station and Met Life 

At the clinic, owing $145 dollars for the previous exam that medicare had said they would pay zero on...I was dreading the fact I'd have to say I couldn't pay the whole thing, and hoping for a liberal payment plan...when I was told that the University paid $130 of the fee and I only owed $10, which I paid with no strain!

The Grace Building and SUNY vision Center

The exam was painless.
I was informed that the surgery would be fully paid by medicare and medicaid, and that the doctor could perform it at a facility on West 23rd street a short bus trip from my home!

Retail Window With A Message
Reeling with joy and gratitude, I left.
On the crosstown bus a funny seat giving number again, and the speed bus was there on 2nd Avenue almost immediately, where, believe it or not, yet another seat was offered!  I arrived an hour early so, was able to catch a glimpse of laughing kids in the classroom where we meet as they were leaving.
I had time to myself to unwind, let the blurry eyes clear a bit before we started.  The session was great...it happens like that sometimes...all seven of us wrote and read wonderful pieces 
 Night fell gently.
 Could it get any better and gravity still hold sway?
I think that lightning bolt must have struck some other poor sucker, or maybe it just changed it's mind, cooled off, turned to a gentle rain before moving off to elsewhere.

Here's Lou

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Nancy said...

Michelle, what a graceful day you had filled with kindness, fortune and promise. I enjoyed the poem.