Saturday, December 28, 2013

A QUIET LIFE part two

Flower Fairies of The Winter
by Cicely Mary Barker
continued from previous post

The Shepherds-Purse Fairy
 The Groundsel Fairy
 The Lords and Ladies Fairy
 The Plane Tree Fairy
 The Burdock Fairy
 The Pine Tree Fairy
 The Holly Fairy
 The Box Tree Fairy
 The Old Mans-Beard Fairy
 The Blackthorn Fairy
 The Hazel Catkin Fairy
 The Totter-Grass Fairy
 The Winter Aconite Fairy
 The Christmas Tree Fairy
 These snapshots from the book, taken in fair light, often cut off, do not do the originals justice, but are at least, an indication of their charm.  I've not included the poems, which illustrate her knowledge of plants and trees, nor the annotations of alternate names for them which she includes.  But if you come across copies, you will see just how accurate her observation was.   

Wikipedia does a fair job of biography if you care to have a look there, and there is merchandise and more at

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