Friday, December 27, 2013

A QUIET LIFE part one

 Cicely Mary Barker
"Born in Croydon, South London.  Due to ill health she was educated at home and largely taught herself to draw and paint.  The first of her Flower Fairies books was published in 1923.  They have become classics of children's literature."
This series of 6X4 tiny hardbacks provides one for every season, accompanied by her poems.

The Snowdrop Fairy
The Yew Fairy
 The Winter jasmine Fairy
 Dead Nettle Fairy
 Rush-Grass and Cotton-Grass fairies
 Spindle Berry Fairy
(screen shots from the book)
~more to come~


Kim Andersen said...

I had a
Book with her illustrations when I was a child - capturing my imagination and embedding in me a love for
All things tiny ...

Els said...

Your last post doesn't want to open (yet ?)
So I say at the bottom of thís lovely post (mmmmmmmmm I have a lot of her books ;-) !) : all the best to you Michelle, for a wonderful and creative 2014 !
See you next time around at Jude's ;-)