Monday, December 23, 2013


The City was a ghost town around my neighborhood last night.  Everyone who could, left to spend Christmas elsewhere.  I'm usually gone for this, but since I'm not traveling to my Massachusetts 'family' this year, I am here.
~altered post card by me~
Scant, to no lights on most buildings, the lack of traffic, and only the occasional person even at the grocery store, casts a lonely shadow over all, enhanced by rain, and the unusual warmth.
~across the street in front of the 9/11 memorial~

As I wheeled my little cart ahead of me, in some stretches I was reminded of moonscapes, and of collapsed civilizations in others. 
~upscale building on 23rd Street~
Although I appreciate the silence, it felt unreal.  In the center of town, where all the stores are open 24 hours till 9 O'clock Christmas eve, crowds of consumers, and plenty of lights abound.  I avoid it.
~card from my Massachusetts 'family'~

I got some special cat food, and dried salmon treats for the kitty who lives at the corner store.  She's lovely, gentle, and really enjoyed the gifts.  I rather wish I had a kitty again, but will remain as I am for now, and only dream of baskets of furry dears.  Meanwhile, I'm re-reading one of  my favorite cat tales:
~"The Fur Person" by May Sarton~

"A gentleman cat becomes a 'fur person' when he is truly loved by a human being."


deanna7trees said...

wishing you the best of days. i would love the silent streets and the lack of the 'hustle and bustle'. i too miss having a kitty but have resisted...for so many reasons. real cold here this morning. seems NY is having some unusual weather but winter has just begun. stay safe and warm.

Mo Crow said...

(((Michelle))) NYC quiet!!!! Have only seen that once, there was an ice storm back in the late 60's we were staying at my uncle's place in Queens... the city was covered in ice the silence was magic!

Ms. said...

Oh, there are possible snow flurries predicted for Christmas eve tomorrow night and caroling at 6PM in Gramarcy Park

Nancy said...

Hugs to you Michelle! I can feel the quiet from your words. Beautiful post. Wishing you the best, wishing you enough. Enjoy that unusual quiet.