Saturday, December 21, 2013


"Sweet sage & cedar, wishes and dreams
  weaving the elements, sealing the seams
   sealing our seams with wishes & dreams"
An afternoon addressing
hand made cards
 "A Quiet Place"
from Solstice Visions
 "Snow Melt"
from Solstice Visions

Sweet sage & cedar, wishes and dreams
 weaving the elements, sealing the seams
 sealing our seams with wishes & dreams

A quiet night
turned to morning
Here's just a little over one minute of that,
where-in, nothing happens, yet everything changes:
Blessed Solstice All


Nancy said...

Love the cards Michelle :) happy solstice to you too.

Marti said...

Hi Michelle, this is Marti, friend of grace. May the quiet warming joys of the Winter Solstice stay with you today, the day after Winter Solstice and continue with you as we see the year out and go forward into the New Year. (I left a reply to your comment on windthread.)

Anonymous said...

happy solstice (now the morning after)
loved your cards.