Thursday, January 30, 2014


'Art Camp' was invented by my friends son, and has entertained many visitors to  'Coral Cottage', the name she has given her Florida home, whose mascot-guardian is this amusing coral-painted, stylized wooden-head of a flamingo.
(I should have photographed from the side to show the full form)
The way it works is that several people over-paint what they wish on the divided surface of thrift-store-bought canvases.
Some friends were artists, while others never painted or drew anything, but loved the communal, freeing nature of the sessions.
 I wish I had more long-shot photos to show the whole rooms so you might see that the space is not cluttered, and the overall effect in these light-filled rooms is pure cheerfulness.
 The next two are the very first ones,
(by 'AD13')
 done on cut-cardboard boxes.
Unfortunately, we didn't have a session because time got shortened by my illness.  This was the canvas I was going to work on, keeping the beautiful head painted by an unknown artist.  My plan was to have him looking out from a dark cave into a bright landscape with a sun-dog rainbow formation  prominent in the sky.
I drew a few thank-you cards for friends there:
(For AD13)
(For Carol)
(For Mary)
I added a crocodile and Florida landscape to the left of a Northern landscape with cottage, but neglected to photograph it.

 This pencil drawing for my friend:
represents the two of us,
a hint of the 'Pink Panther' hidden in the reeds
for the delicious laughter we shared while watching the Steve Martin remake,
and. three grackles for 'Brahma-Vishnu-Shiva', to remind us of how our precious friendship began at Jivan-Mukti yoga center seventeen years ago.
More adventures in Florida next post.

Still to come, Merritt Island Wild Life Sanctuary, the Beach, and a satellite launch from Cape Canaveral...Stay tuned.



grace Forrest~Maestas said...

i would like to hear more about
Art Camp...who comes, how it
works....all the time?
casually? like people just show up
or ?????

i got such an unexpected STRONG
sense of it...

Ms. said...

Hey's casual...a large sunny room with lots of friend, her son, neighbors, and visitors....spontaneous and anywhere from 3 to 8 people can fit comfortably. Like I said, we didn't really have one couse her son was sick and so was I, but she and I did our own things there, sometimes together.

Ms. said...

Oh, and I forgot to say...lots of supplies. I brought my own stuff but only did the cards and that one drawing. She did a rag rug repair.