Saturday, February 1, 2014


Silent Video by Ms.
A three hundred and sixty degree pan of the sunny room, where my friend, her son, neighbors, and visitors to Coral Cottage...(anywhere from 3 to 8 people can fit comfortably)...practice and play. 
Lots of art tools, and other supplies....(scissors rulers, knives, brushes, acrylic, and water paints. color pens and pencils, sharpeners, needles and threads and objects to consider (leaves, shells, seeds, stones, and miscellaneous items).....were available in, or on a bank of drawers lining one wall.   Rescued canvases and card boards leaned against other walls at the ready, and the adjoining kitchen provided, a sink, as well as snacks.
I did several thank you cards, and one larger drawing.
She did a salvaged rag-rug repair.
During my time there, her son was sick, and so was I.  Rather than invite others to join in, we each did our own 'whatever', whenever the impulse moved us, sometimes solo, sometimes occupying the space together, sometimes silent, sometimes chatty, and, there was a boom box for listening to Cd's, tapes, or radio.  Creativity, the universal language of 'Whatever' is not extinct.  It's everywhere in endless variation.

 Stay tuned.  Future posts on Cats and birds, Plant life, Sky and Landscapes, The Wildlife Sanctuary trip, a trip to the beach and thrift-shopping.


grace Forrest~Maestas said...

LOVE bigger Print...imagine it
really BIG
i LOVE seeing this

i need to know that this is

Mo Crow said...

what a good place for a retreat Michelle

Nancy said...

Oh how wonderful this looks, sounds! Lucky you :)